• Дизайнер: Atributica
  • АРТИКУЛ: VV-001
  • Статус: В наличии
  • Пол: Унисекс
  • Ширина (см):
  • Длина (см):
35 770
$ 580

Категория: Аксессуары - Вид: Колье

This symbolic interpretation of "the universe as we experience it", the crossed or double vajra pendant is defined by cast sterling-silver. The vishva vajra is created by two crossed vajras or four vajra-heads that sit at the cardinal points of a central hub. One of the world's more prized hardwoods and careful handcraft make each of our black ebony beads epitomizing clarity to our intentions as we focus on the future. The billowing Tibetan clouds in our toggle design are meant to serve as a daily reminder of the ultimate realization of one's true nature. Endlessly iconic.