Mirror leather belt

  • Дизайнер: kalifesta
  • АРТИКУЛ: KFT0019
  • Статус: В наличии
  • Пол: Девочкам, Женщинам
7 490
$ 120

Категория: Аксессуары - Вид: Ремни

Silver wide faux leather belt with Suspenders. Is that a micro mini skirt or a wide belt? Who cares, as long as it makes you feel free! The wide belt is available in two designs: ✦ silver belt with a geometric pattern ✦ gold belt with a bionic pattern The faux leather is soft to touch and super shiny to make you light up the dance floor. The multiple laser cut decorative slits create mysterious patterns and let your skin breathe. Size is adjusted by lacing on the front side.