Chain necklace

  • Дизайнер: kalifesta
  • АРТИКУЛ: Statement chain
  • Статус: В наличии
  • Пол: Женщинам
7 490
$ 120

Категория: Украшения - Вид: Колье
Коллекция: Kalifesta

Gold Leather Choker with Chains will make you visible, audible and… responsible. Made of eco-leather, this accessory has no traces of cruelty towards animals. Besides, we work hard to create long-lasting pieces of artwork, so you can safely opt for this bohemian jewelry and be sure, it will last you a lifetime. Laser cut creates a fascinating bionic pattern on the choker, making it so attractive and comfortable, letting the air pass through for your skin to breath freely. The long shiny chains produce a light sound and give a nice feeling to your skin, moving as you walk or dance.This special boho necklace can be worn naked, with a swimsuit or an evening dress. Wear it to spice up your daily look or as the final touch of your festival costume. The size is adjusted by the buttons on the neck. Warning! This piece attracts a lot of attention;)