Burning man goggles

  • Дизайнер: Polina Xasina
  • АРТИКУЛ: Burning
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$ 120

Категория: Аксессуары - Вид: Ювелирные изделия
Дизайнер: Polina Xasina Коллекция: Все товары

Burning man visors
Comfortable and light goggles to protect you from the sand storm or just to upgrate your outfit. Stylish accessory both for man and woman.
The elastic belt is adjustible to fit all sizes.
Soft layer in the buttom provides with comfort for your skin.
Available both with transparent glass for night time or mirror glass for sunny time.

If you want to have your custom goggles - contact me to discuss your own decor by email midnightdreamers.shop [!at] gmail.com I love creating custom work ;)

EMS DELIVERY 7-10 days
DHL EXPRESS option available 2-3 days

Please choose the delivery option according to your time preferences
If you are choosing EMS delivery please let me know your phone number and email.

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