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#StringHolders - nets as backpacks and over the shoulder.

  For any bottles of water, thermoses and music speakers.

  And we - BLUEMOLOKO family - creators.

This is one of our best sellers.

 The holder makes possibilities to carry the Water Bottle, almost without feeling its weight.


 ♻️ Absolutely, any Bottle is combined with such a "string bag".

Because of elastic material, nets can contain a different volume:

0.5, 0.7, 1 liter and even 1.2

Elegant and strong, made by hands with love and care, in Bali.

Always a big choice of shapes and colors.


 ♻️ In BLUEMOLOKO string holders, it’s very comfortable to carry your favorite bottle and not lose it.

 Hands always free - this is a huge plus for moms and dads, for a walk, traveling, sports.

 Adults and children, having such a thing, begin to drink more water.

 And for kids - this is a real happiness.  A useful, funny, comfortable toy.


 ♻️ We use some of Materials from recycled plastic and marine nets, also leftover of fabrics.


 ♻️ 30% of each profit we invest in recycling, modernization, reducing, reduction of plastic pollution in Bali.


 ♻️ BLUEMOLOKO  bottle holders like Magnet - connect people together to take care of the planet.

 Inspiring people to reduce “single use plastic”.

 By cleaning the soil and the ocean - we save lives today and in the future.





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• @filipp_bluemoloko ...

  • Weight 8.6kg
  • Color Yellow, Brown
  • Size S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Material Nylon, Coton

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