Crystal Net Veil

Дизайнер: Polina Xasina


Статус: В наличии

$130 $130

Категория: Аксессуары - Вид: Ювелирные изделия
Дизайнер: Polina Xasina - Коллекция: Все товары

Materials: metal, crystal, chain

Modern veil of crystals gives you uber sexy and mystic look
You can combine the veil with different accessories like crown (on the picture), headbands or halo headpieces you can find in my shop or wear it separately as a solo headpiece. Many options!
Size adjustable - fits all sizes.

  • Weight 8.6kg
  • Color Yellow, Brown
  • Size S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Material Nylon, Coton

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