Sterling silver pendant "Feather"

Дизайнер: CHERNOGLAZOVA jewelry


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Категория: Аксессуары - Вид: Ювелирные изделия
Дизайнер: CHERNOGLAZOVA jewelry - Коллекция:

Totally realistic feather pendant in 925 sterling silvere. Feather - symbolizes lightness, heaven, height, speed, space, soul, the element of wind and air.

In general world religious symbolism, wearing feathers in robes, feathered hairstyles or having attributes of feathers means taking on the power and manna of the Bird.  This allows the wearer to get in touch with the secret knowledge of birds, to know their magical power and rise above this world.

  • Weight 8.6kg
  • Color Yellow, Brown
  • Size S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Material Nylon, Coton

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