Асимметричные брюки

  • Дизайнер: 80.4
  • АРТИКУЛ: 001
  • Статус: Под заказ
  • Пол: Унисекс
9 800
$ 158

Категория: Брюки - Вид: Трикотажные брюки

The color is black and milky. Fabric - polyviscose, sheer, heavy.

Pants are perfect for both work and leisure. Perfectly combined with a top on a belt from the same fabric. When buying a suit, there is a discount. To quickly determine your size, compare your hip circumference (XS -86-88 cm, S - 92-96 cm, M - 98-102 cm, L - 104-108 cm, XL - 110-114 cm). If your size is not available, you can order. Production time 2-4 weeks depending on the workload of the workshop. Individual sewing on non-standard figures also works.