Mirror leather dress

  • Дизайнер: kalifesta
  • АРТИКУЛ: Convertible
  • Статус: В наличии
  • Пол: Женщинам
20 770
$ 333

Категория: Одежда - Вид: Платья
Коллекция: Kalifesta

A shiny convertible dress is a must-have for set lovers: a skirt and a top can be worn separately, giving you variety of choices for your fabulous looks. The asymmetric dress is available in two designs: ✦ gold dress with a bionical laser-cut pattern ✦ silver dress with a geometrical laser-cut pattern.Made of soft faux tissue-based leather, metallic dress is soft for your skin and eye-catching. The voluminous shoulder element and the asymmetric design of this bold and beautiful piece guarantee to make heads turn - and that's what you're looking for, right?Wear this dress next to the skin or on a swimming suit in a hot day (the cut-throughs will keep you cool), or put it over a catsuit at nightfall. This party dress is available in 4 sizes: XS, S, M, L.