Men's vest made of mirror leather

  • Дизайнер: kalifesta
  • АРТИКУЛ: Armors Mens Rave
  • Статус: В наличии
  • Пол: Женщинам
9 980
$ 160

Категория: Одежда - Вид: Жилетки
Коллекция: Kalifesta

Gold Men's armors made of faux leather with mirror effect.

You gotta fight for your right to party, and definitely you need an armor for that! This stunning party armor is available in 2 designs:

-> gold armor with bionic pattern
-> silver armor with geometric pattern.

Whether it is just another Burning Man costume in your collection, or the missing piece of your steampunk outfit, this shiny jacket will serve you when under pressure, making you feel comfortable and look glamorous.

Gold Men's armor available in two sizes - SM and L-XL.
Size adjustable due to secure snap fasteners on shoulders and both sides.